IB Pro Series

Flexiblity and creative possibility

Two cabinets can realizes a 90 degree L shape

Clear and bright picture quality

IB Pro series is using unique point by point correction technology, and it can effectively improve the screen color consistency, improve picture quality and effectiveness, and bring you the best visual experience!

Ultra-thin and lightweight

With aluminum design, its weight is less than 7 kg and the thickness is only 55 mm, ultra-light and ultra-thin.

Single person operation

By adopting a unique positioning column technology, single person can  quickly complete the installation of the cabinet, which is a significant savings in manpower and time costs

Wall surface mounting to save space

IB series is compatible with stacking,hanging, wall surface mounting and other installation methods, which can significantly save installation and maintenance space to meet a variety of application such as airports, large commodity brand store application needs.

Front  maintenance

IB series support front maintenance, so itcan significantly improve product maintenance efficiency.

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