EI SERIES(Indoor Rental Display)

Flexional design for flat and curve shape

+/-7.5 curved angle degree.
2.6mm/2.8mm/3.1mm/3.9mm pitch available.

Individual disassembly and easy maintenance

Wireless Modular Design.

Die-cast aluminum box with higher splicing precision

The cabient is made of 500 x 500 die-cast aluminum frame.With CNC machining process and
better splicing precision,EI series can achieve seamless splicing.

Four-layer PCB board design, stable and reliable

Four-layer PCB board design makes EI more stable and reliable,with better heat dissipation.
PCB board thickness is 2mm with a stable performance and better flatness.

Excellent heat dissipation design

1.Silicon sheet for heat dissipation
2.Built-in aluminum plate for heat dissipation
3.Step-down resistance to reduce heat

Snap-on mask for fast maintenance

The module is designed with a snap-on mask and is screw-free. It is easy to repair and adjust the flatness of the mask,which can provide the best display effect.

Light strips design

Light strips are attached to the edge of the module to reduce the gap between the two cabients and prevent light leakage.

Multiple installation ways available

Compatible with hanging beam and ground bar for multiple application, cost saving.

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