RI SERIES(Indoor Ladder Screen)

Module Front-service Design

Taking down one module by dismantling 6 screws, easy maintenance.

High Contrast

Black LEDs and black module make high contrast ratio, bring good performance.

Heat Radiation Rib Design 

Radiation rib on the cabinet back increases the cooling area, good heat-sinking effect without fan.noise-less but better heat dissipation.

Easy Maintainence

Ten pcs of magnet on the back of each cabinet,fast to install cabinets onto steel structure, easyinstallation and convenient maintenance.

Flat Connection Application

Flat connection Magnetic suction sliding block design for cabinets’flat connection, can make flat screen easily.

Curved Connection Application

Curved connection Curve-lock designed on each cabinet,can make curved screen within ±10° and meet the needs of various applications.

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