POS SERIES(Stadiums Display)

High brightness and refresh rate

POS display has been designed with high brightness and refresh rate, the image can still keep clearly under strong sunshine , which will greatly enhance the display effects of client’s brand 

Anti-rush design

POS display has adopted Aluminum finish, the cover material was processed by specific crafts. As you can see, there were EVA foam in the top preventing display from impacts ,the cabinet can resist rush well. 

Signal and power double backup 

POS display has been equipped with double signal and power, in case some faults happened to one signal and power, the spare one is also able to maintain the display to work well.

Cable groove design

It will make the cabinet looks more beautiful to connect with cables through the cable groove.

IP65 waterproof

The IP rate for POS display is IP65 that can keep the live match broadcasting continue normally though in the rain. 

Emergency door design 

POS display has been designed with emergency door, it can be dismantled rapidly under the sudden situation, to speed up crowd dispersing.

Fast maintenance

POS can be back maintained,the excellent design such as modules fast release,supporting foot fast release\power box fast release,can greatly improve the installation and maintenance efficiency

Convenient Packing shelf design 

Customized shelf is more economic comparing with flight case and more convenient for transportation and dismantling for POS display series 

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