I SERIES( Interactive floor screen )

Higher splicing precision

The cabient is made of 500 x 500 die-cast aluminum frame.With  CNC machining process,I series can achieve seamless splicing and better splicing precision.

Individual disassembly and easy maintenance Modules front maintenance

Magnetically fixed module design, module replacement can be achieved in 3 seconds,it greatly decreases maintenance time and improves working efficiency.

Innovative mask design

The modules mask is made of imported high transparency and wear-resistant PC material,it has two major advantages

1.Better splicing precision,I series can achieve seamless splicing.Light transmittance uniformity is excellent,there is no color difference and color uniformity is well maintained in different viewing angles.

2.Excellent anti-scratch and anti-wear performance.  

High reliability

Featured with point-to-face contact and support technology,  its loading capacity is over 2000kg/sqm,more reliable.

Front and rear IP65 waterproof

With front and rear IP65 waterproof design, it can satisfy the use requirement in many applications.

Interactive effect(multi-point touch)

With built-in patented man-machine interaction system and 16 sensors in each modules,it reduces the response time to less than 0.01s.

Rich interactive game

Supporting a variety of self-developed interactive games,it makes the display more interactive and interesting.

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