Flex Series (Flexible Display)

Innovative full flexible module, single cabinet can achieve perfect "S" shape

Full flexible module,a single cabinet can achieve both convex and concave design at the same time

Individual disassembly and easy maintenanceinnovative curved lock design, two steps can realize the curved design in just one cabinet

①.Press the button ②. Adjust the curved lock to make the curved shape.

Perfect curvature

For the traditional cabinet,due to the restrictions on the cabinet structure,the cabinet splicing gap is obvious and the curvature is not smooth continuous when making curved shapes. Featured with an innovative design of full-flexible modules, Flex can ensure that the entire screen surface is smooth  and the curvature is continuous, it can achieve perfect curved shapes.

14 cabinets can achieve a circular shape

With only 14 cabinets, Flex can achieve a 360 degrees internal circle or excircle, the diameter is 2.2 meters.

Anti-slip handle design

Flex handle is made of special rubber material with non-slip handling, ideal ergonomic design, it is more comfortable and convenient during installation and disassembly.

Fast positioning pin design for higher splicing accuracy

The fast positioning pin on the top of the cabinet,it significantly improve the reliability of the cabinet splicing, and also the splicing accuracy is ensured.

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