HD Series(Small pixel pitch)

Convenient installation

HD series can be installed on the wall and saves installation space,which makes it more adaptive to the condition with limited space. Cabinet thickness is only 70 mm, Wall installation space only 105 mm

Front installation and maintenance

HD series supports for installation and maintenance,which effectively reduce the difficulty of product installation and maintenance and improves efficiency.

Golden ratio 16:9

HD series cabinet size is 400mmX450mm,it is a perfect panel ratio of 8:9,HD series could be easily spliced in consistent with frequently-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9.It is easy to play the mainstream HD video source without compression and provides better visual effect.

Power and signal double backup 

HD series has been equipped with double signal and power, in case some faults happened to one signal and power, the spare one is also able to maintain the display to work well.

Die-casting aluminum structure with higher precision cabinet

Die-casting aluminum structure with CNC processing,HD series  has higher splicing precision and can eliminate dark or bright lines between panels effectively.

HD quality

Featured with Uniview world's leading low-light& high-gray scale technology, the picture quality is clear and delicate.

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