2017 infocomm exhibition , Uniview LED Invites you to enjoy the visual feast.

Author: admin | Time:2017.05.09

2017 infocomm exhibition will be held from 14th -16th June 2017, As a worldwide famous LED&LCD utility and solution supplier , Uniview LED will share the latest products and technology with you in the exhibition and you will be warmly welcomed to join us here.


The main screen of the exhibition is Tekken that is the rising sun in rental field with 15 square meters. Tekken is mainly applied to stage rental, hotel, press conference and TV Station rental etc, its advantages are as follows:

1. Theinitial one with outdoor water proof front maintenance in LED industry.

Outdoor rental activities grow more and more popular. Compared with indoor rental activities, the application scenes of outdoor rental activities are more complex and also higher demands for the product performance, eg. windy、rainy etc, It will require quite high stability and waterproofness for rental products. Tekken is the initial one that’s with outdoor water proof front maintenance function in LED industry . Special plunger type waterproof design is adopted to control box and module, which make the waterproof effect more reliable. Meanwhile, module and control box are designed with front and rear maintenance that improve greatly the installation and maintenance efficiency. Tekken can adapt to the outdoor bad weather well for the outdoor water proof front maintenance design that guarantees the rental activities going well in critical moments.


2. Perfect curved design  

Curved design function is very significant in rental activities, fast curved design  function will contribute to take on the amazing stage effect rapidly to promote the value of the rental activities. Comparing with complicated curve lock of the peer’s curved products, Uniview Tekken can achieve straight connection、convex and concave perfectly only by one same curve lock ,which will greatly improve the installation efficiency and save clients’ time and costs, make customers finish creative work and any perfect shape in the rental places.


3.Climbing design

Sometimes, the installation and maintenance space will be relatively narrow of some rental activity spots, it’s hard to do the maintenance by means of the common climbing tools. Tekken cabinet is climbing handle design, so the installation、adjustment and maintenance can be dealt with well by these climbing handles, saving the installation space and promoting efficiency.

  4.Anti-damage design

 As the anti-damage design is applied to Tekken cabinets bottom ,which will effective decrease

 the collision happened during transportation and installation, protect the modules, prolong the product using time and enhancing product application value.   


 5.One Type LED Module

There are two kinds size of the Tekken cabinet, 500*500mm and 500*1000mm. Clients can adopt the cabinet according to the various application scenes. There aren’t troubles in changing the two kinds module ,therefore utilization rate and maintenance convenience of the modules will be improved correspondingly.


At the same time , some new LCD products will be displayed in the exhibition. What kind of surprise will be there ? Let’s wait and see.


Exhibition information:

Stand No: 432

Date: 14th - 16th June 2017

Place: Orange County Convention Center 9899 INTERNATIONAL DR, ORLANDO, FL 32819, U.S.A