The 2017 infocomm exhibition has ended successfully and new products of Uniview enjoyed wide popularity.

Author: admin | Time:2017.06.21

2017 infocomm exhibition has ended on June 16th . As one of the worldwide biggest and the most authoritative exhibitions in international logo and AD industry , infocomm has attracted many famous company to join in . Especially , Uniview rental products and interactive floor display products have been exhibited this time, which attracted over 300 professional clients’ attention in LED industry and were widely welcomed.

Uniview exhibition team

The main screen of the exhibition is Tekken that is the rising sun in rental field with 30 square meters. It has received extensive acceptance from customers and sold well in the upscale market of Europe for its advantages: clear screen, perfect curved design, front maintenance and outdoor waterproof, anti-damage design, One Type LED Module etc. And it was ordered in the first exhibiting day, which indicated the professional view of our clients and how excellent Tekken series it is.

The side screen is EI series that is for indoor rental. It’s light , Wireless-Module and front and rear maintenance. EI is able to meet with many indoor rental spots utility demands like indoor large scale concerts , new products press conferences, large scale meetings etc .

Meanwhile, there is Uniview interactive floor display entering the exhibition . Traditional floor display can show videos well but can’t interact with people well.Uniview research and development group has created the interactive technology that took the lead in this industry. By means of transducer, people can interact well with floor display , what’s more , it can achieve distinctive interaction features for evening performance activities and various press conferences,bring high-intensity visual impacts on people, increase sense of science and technology and improve effect for activities. Especially suitable for stage , game and teaching etc utility scenes. Uniview interactive floor display appeal to many visitors to interact and also warmly welcomed during exhibition ,


After exhibition , Uniview exhibiting team was interviewed by that is a famous website in USA. Jackie , Uniview America area customer manager, has detailedly introduced the main functions of Uniview’s rental series product like Tekken, please hit the link for more:


 Foreseeing exhibition: Uniview will be in Shanghai LED China exhibition , we sincerely welcome your arrival .