Five advantages help you to know Uniview outdoor rental display UO series

Author: admin | Time:2017.06.29
UO series is the latest outdoor rental product released by Uniview in 2017.It is a cost-effective rental product and inherits many excellent design of Tekken series, it can meet the demand of outdoor large-scale concerts, exhibitions, concerts and other related activities.

Climbing handle for fast maintenance
Built in handle with yellow marks,it can be used as a ladder to climb up for maintenance,which greatly save time and installation space.


Anti-damage design
With anti-damage design, the LED lamps can be effective protected from being damaged during transportiion and installation

Front and rear maintenance
UO series modules can be front and rear maintained which can significantly improve product installation and maintenance efficiency

Modular design
with modular design, the control box can be installed separately and disassembly,  more convenient for maintenance