A complete new update, Uniview POS display contributes to European football match

Author: admin | Time:2017.07.25
The buddies who love football will pay attention to the five league football matches that ranks the top five with their influence and competitiveness among European league football matches.

These matches represent the supreme football level worldwide, attracted many football stars to join in, it is the sign of world football development tendency. As a sport, football appeals to numerous fans to participate, at present , it’s one of the widest spread sports.   

Because of much attention and strong influence from worldwide audience , which Improves the value of football match enormously. And nowadays many famous brands invest heavily to name or sponsor football matches, which can approve enough that immense influence on brand resulted from these matches. Acting as one of the advertisement players in the match spots, Court LED display was born at the right moment.

Court display actually is LED display, it will request high technologies and quality for the specificity of utility scenes. Just like most of football match courts,  they are open, therefore, great waterproof and dust proof function will be needed, same high requests for good anti-rush function as the heavy impact on the LED display. Meanwhile , the product must be stable , reliable and safe under such a circumstance.

According to the demands of European market in football field , Uniview has created POS series display applied to football courts. Also , it has been certificated by European FIFA and UEFA, enjoyed the great popularity and highly commended. It has been applied to German undesliga for many times yet.

Compared with the old version , the newest POS LED display will have the following advantages:

1.High brightness and refresh rate

POS display has been designed with high brightness and refresh rate, the image can still keep clearly under strong sunshine , which will greatly enhance the display effects of client’s brand.

2.Anti-rush design

POS display has adopted Aluminum finish, the cover material was processed by specific crafts. As you can see, there were EVA foam in the top preventing display from impacts ,the cabinet can resistrush well.

3.Signal and power double backup

POS display has been equipped with double signal and power, in case some faults happened to one signal and power, the spare one is also able to maintain the display to work well.

4.IP65 waterproof

The IP rate for POS display is IP65 that can keep the live match broadcasting continue normally though in the rain.

5.Emergency door design

POS display has been designed with emergency door, it can be dismantled rapidly under the sudden situation, to speed up crowd dispersing.

6.Cable groove design

It will make the cabinet looks more beautiful to connect with cables through the cable groove.

7.Fast maintenance

POS can be back maintained,the excellent design such as modules fast release,supporting foot fast release\power box fast release,can greatly improve the installation and maintenance efficiency.

8.Convenient Packing shelf design

Customized shelf is more economic comparing with flight case and more convenient for transportation and dismantling for POS display series.