ISE2018,Uniview two new products made debuts

Author: qilin | Time:2018.02.16

February 6-9, 2018,ISE 2018, the most prestigious exhibition in the LED industry, kicked off at the Amsterdam Exhibition and Convention Center.Uniview  exhibited with a variety of new products, including the flexible display, the small-pitch HD series, the upgraded interactive floor display and the best-selling flagship product Tekken series. The features and highlights of Uniview products have attracted many customers attention.

Uniview sales warmly receiving clients

The main screen of Uniview booth is the black SMD product : Tekken 4.8. The screen is in a “C” shape, and the perfect combination of the flat cabinets and the curved cabinets is realized on the whole screen. Tahnks to the innovative curved lock design,it can realize straight and curved design.

As the leading brand of global interactive floor display, the new floor display I series made debuts and attracted many customers to experience. Compared with other company’s products, uniview product has obvious advantages. I series response speed is faster and response time is less than 0.01 second, and it can achieve real-time interaction between people and the screen;it supports multi-touch to meet customers demand for on-site large-scale activities.With up to 20 independent developed interactive games, so that the display has more vitality and attractiveness. At the same time, uniview products supports magnetic pre-maintenance and modules can be quickly replaced,IP65's waterproof rating and load capacity of up to 2000KG per square meter, enable the I series to comfortably face the challenges of various applications.

At the ISE show, Uniview introduced two new products, namely the flexible display Flex series and the HD small pitch HD series.

Flex is a flexible display which targeting the rental market. It has won the favor of international experts when it is not yet on the market, and takes the famous “IF” award of the German industrial design award. This is an affirmation of the design of Flex.

Flex award certificate and product photos

The biggest advantage of Uniview Flex series is the innovative flex module design, which can maintain continuous perfect curvature. A single cabinet can realize the “S” shape, and 14 boxes can realize 360° inner or outer circle. Compared to similar products exhibited by some of the ISE exhibitors, Flex series has a more beautiful appearance and curved design.

The HD series is the first small pitch product launched by Uniview. Currently, there are two pixel pitch available: that is 1.9 and 1.6. It only requires a width of 105 mm to achieve wall mounting. Compared with other products, it can greatly save the customer's installation space. The ratio of 4:5 cabinets requires at least two cabinets to achieve a 16:9 golden ratio, which better meets the demands of customers' HD playback.