New Products | Inheritance and Innovation: EI-Plus is Coming Soon

Author: qilin | Time:2018.05.21

EI-Plus is a new generation of indoor rental display that will be launched by Uniview. It is a brand new upgraded version of the EI series, which inherits the advantages of the EI series. At the same time, it has made a series of innovative designs and will be officially launched soon.

The EI series is a rental display launched by Uniview in 2016. As its name, EI, namely Economical & Indoor, accurately interprets its positioning. EI is a display for the indoor rental market, which can significantly save customers' use costs and create greater economic value for customers.

The EI series can achieve both flat and curved shapes with a maximum curvature of±7.5 degrees, which creates a perfect curved shape for rental customers. EI uses die-cast aluminum cabinet design, CNC high-precision machining process, and the cabinet splicing accuracy is higher. The design of the four-layer PCB board and the thermal conductive silicone film make that EI has a good flatness and excellent heat dissipation.

So, EI-plus has inherited a series of advantages of EI, and what improvements have been made at the same time?

1. This is a powerful indoor rental product. Its design concept is to provide customers with a complete rental solution. The application scenarios of rental activities are complex and changeable, and the convenience for the installation and maintenance of rental products is very demanding. EI-Plus clearly has the advantages of full front and rear maintenance and installation, which can greatly improve the display's work and use efficiency.

2. Some rental customers often have fixed-installation requirements. If a product can satisfy both rental and fixed installation, it can ensure the maximization of customer benefits. EI-Plus has launched a wall-mounting function, which can greatly save the installation space and meet the diverse needs of customers.

3.Traditional led display, different modules between the cabinets can not be universal, and even the module between the same cabinet, the left and right modules or the upper and lower modules are not interchangeable. During the scene of customer rental activities, single module damage is troublesome to replace, and even the entire cabinet needs to be replaced. EI-Plus adopts a modular universal design. A single module is compatible with different batches of products, which greatly improves maintenance efficiency and saves customer cost.

The EI series has performed very well both at the exhibition and at the customer's site. The P2.8 product has been mistaken by customers for many times as a product of P1.9, which shows the excellent display effect of the EI series. Green blue, better than blue; new upgraded version of EI-PLUS surely will not let everyone down, more product details, so stay tuned!