Make the stage more beautiful! Uniview Korea KOBA show ended successfully!

Author: qilin | Time:2018.05.18

KOBA show 2018 was unveiled this evening. Uniview made its debut at the Korean show and attracted more than 200 customers to visit and negotiate.

Uniview interactive floor display’s popularity is hot, many professional customers that rarely see such good interactive effect prodcuts, they said this product can be used in a lot of applications, such as stage activities, museums, thematic museum. Many customers participate in the floor display interactive game,, there is even customer directly want to sign a single purchase of Uniview interactive floor display on site.

A child playing on the floor display is very enjoyable. He refused to walk away. He said several times:“Mom, you continue to stroll, I am waiting for you here...”Uniview floor display has over 20 independently-developed interactive games which can easily achieve the interactive requirements of multiple types, so that the floor display is no longer a lifeless display, but more vitality.

As a leading brand of interactive floor display, Uniview Interactive floor display has the following advantages: a response speed of only 0.01 seconds, a built-in patented human-computer interaction system, and better interactive results; unique mask design, better light transmission and color consistency; IP65 waterproof rating and up to 2000KG/m2 loading capacity, reliability is better than the peer; module front maintenance design, quickly replace the module within 3 seconds.

Tekken 3.9 and EI2.8 rental displays are also on display at the show