InFocomm2018, LED Screen and Stage Show in Las Vegas

Author: qilin | Time:2018.06.14

From June 6th to 8th, InFocomm 2018 was grandly opened in Las Vegas, USA. Las Vegas is a famous for its stage show in the United States. There are many LED display applications and cases, and many professional customers are gathered. What products are "showed" in Uniview booth during InFocomm 2018?

After the night in Las Vegas, the lights are bright and the traffic is busy. The huge displays on both sides of the street play creative commercial advertisements. All kinds of stage shows are displayed in major hotels throughout the year. Many performances are accompanied by professional dancers, beautiful melody, and modern technology such as stage, lighting, audio, and display screens, bringing audiences an unparalleled visual and audio feast. The display plays an important role in the stage art design of the stage show.

Stage show in Las Vegas

For the needs of applications for rental customers such as stage shows, Uniview products have their own characteristics:

Main screen

In stage art design, the importance of the main screen background is self-evident. Excellent background art design can create beautiful scenes and depth of field, bringing beauty feelings and imaginative space to customers.

EI-Plus is the new product of Uniview for the indoor rental market. It inherits a series of advantages of Uniview EI Series, and has made a lot of innovations and improvements. EI-Plus can achieve wall-mounting, front-to-rear maintenance, universal module and other functions.


Uniview Tekken series is a star product for the rental market. It has features such as easy installation, single person operation, and fast maintenance.

Tekken series in InFocomm

Tekken series case in USA

Interactive floor display

Some shows in Las Vegas used interactive floor display with interactive video to make the show an extraordinary visual experience and effect. Uniview BOS and I series have fast response speed, high sensitivity, strong loading capacity, and convenient maintenance. They are suitable for stage applications, hotel lobbies, science and technology museums and other applications.

Uniview interactive floor display in Infocomm 2018

Reporters interview Uniview

Uniview Intweractive floor display case

Customized LED display  

Some show needs a special LED display to achieve special program effects. In the field of custom display screens,Uniview has accumulated the industry-leading customized special-shaped screen R&D production technology and experience, and can provide customers with various display screens such as curved screen, cylindrical screen, magic screen, and spherical screen.

Uniview Magic cube led display

Uniview NIC series product