Warm congratulations on the successful completion of the ISR exhibition in 2017

Author: qilin | Time:2017.11.04

The 2017 Moscow International Audiovisual Technology and System Integration Exhibition (ISR) was held in Moscow from October 31st to January 2nd with many LED companies participating. Shenzhen Uniview displayed the rental product and interactive floor display at the exhibition.

The main screen of Uniview booth is the Tekken series. It has excellent design such as single person operation, climbing design, perfect curved design, anti-knock design, and front and back maintenance. It is suitable for concerts, new product launches, exhibitions, television stations and Other rental occasions. Side screen is EI series, suitable for indoor rental and fixed applications, with new wireless module design, self-locking up and down splicing design, front and rear maintenance design,curved splicing design and other functions, sufficient to meet a variety of indoor rental application.

The most eye-catching product of Uniview booth is the interactive floor display. As the leading brand of global interactive floor display, Uniview has introduced an interactive  floor display with an industry-leading position.Featured with built-in human-computer interaction sensing system, it can achieve perfect interaction with great visual impact, and can significantly enhance the sense of event technology and publicity. It is particularly suitable for the application of scenes, theaters, theaters and other applications. The products are deeply loved and praised by European and American customers. At the same time it supports over 20 independent developed interactive games.

Uniview Interactive floor display has a high reputation in the Russian market and has made appearances at many large-scale events. It is highly praised by customers!


Photo:Uniview interactive floor display made debut at russian circus

Photo: Uniview Interactive floor display made debuts at 2017 Innovation Industry Show in Russia